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We live and work in a media-saturated culture, continually bombarded by commentary, opinions, rumors, talking points and video.


Your challenge: Identify and locate authentic writers who can craft a message that pierces through the clutter and noise competing for the attention of your customers, readers and viewers.


Your preference: The right person with the “write stuff” – a wordsmith who can collect and report facts, promote your brand and corporate identity or simply weave a ribbon of prose to help your organization stand out amid the traffic.


We recognize and understand that you want someone reliable, someone willing to invest in your media property and someone dedicated to your media property’s progress.


On behalf of Wingfoot Media Inc., hi. We’re ready for you and look forward to assisting your team.


Learn more about who we are and what we do … particularly for you and your organization.




Rick Dana Barlow has nearly four decades of experience as a professional journalist, writer and editor, specializing in healthcare operations and supply chain management for more than 30 years.


Barlow founded Wingfoot Media Inc. in January 2001 as an editorial consulting, development, management and production company.

During his career-to-date, Barlow has researched and written a book chronicling the 75-year history of a regional steel fabricators association, created and developed two business magazines for healthcare supply chain management professionals, and has written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles for more than 20 different print and online publications and companies, including Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), Hospital Materials Management (HMM), Hospital, Health Management Technology (HMT), Imaging Technology News (ITN),, Materials Management in Health Care, Medical Products Sales (MPS), OR Manager, Outpatient Care TechnologyRepertoire Magazine, Supply Chain Technology News/Logistics Today and the Green Bay (WI) Press-Gazette.

Barlow earned both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Evanston, IL, with concentrations in business reporting, arts criticism, magazine publishing, American history and political science.

Barlow currently serves as:

  • President, Wingfoot Media Inc.

  • Co-Founder, Executive Director, Bellwether League Foundation, and Administrator, Hall of Fame for Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership

  • Executive Editor, Bellwether League Foundation's Leaders & Luminaries magazine

  • Co-Founder, #IFUcan



  • Print/online media news stories

  • Print/online media feature articles

  • Press releases

  • Promotional brochures

  • Copy editing

  • Magazine editing and content management

  • Newsletter editing and content management

  • White papers

  • Presentation research

  • Editorial opinion/column content

  • Conference and trade show editorial coverage

  • Curriculum vitae/Résumé creation and development

  • Content/editorial strategy consulting, including new product creation and development and redesign project

  • Voiceovers, Webinars

In The Press


Rick Dana Barlow has written for the following publications and companies:

  • Healthcare Purchasing News

  • Bellwether League Foundation

  • Leaders & Luminaries

  • Second

  • Healthcare Innovation/Health Management Technology

  • The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes


  • Outpatient Care Technology

  • Imaging Technology News

  • First Moves Magazine

  • Repertoire Magazine

  • Supply Chain Technology News/Logistics Today

  • OR Manager

  • Central Fabricators Association

  • Hospital


  • Medical Design

  • Long-Term Care

  • Medical Products Sales

  • McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

  • Materials Management in Health Care

  • Hospital Materials Management

  • Illinois Bell Corporate Communications

  • Green Bay (WI) Press-Gazette

  • Ruth Rashman Associates

  • Pioneer Press

News and Events


For any inquiries, please contact Rick Dana Barlow:

Tel: (847) 466-RICK (7425) |

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